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Electric Sauna Heaters

Unwind, detoxify, and create a spa-like experience at home with a premium electric sauna heater from USA Sports Outlet. Our curated collection features high-performing heaters designed to transform your sauna into a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Whether you're a seasoned sauna enthusiast or just discovering the therapeutic benefits of heat therapy, USA Sports Outlet has the perfect electric heater to elevate your sauna experience.

Embrace the Power of Heat Therapy:

  • Invigorating Warmth: Experience the soothing comfort of dry heat, promoting relaxation, muscle tension relief, and improved circulation.
  • Customizable Comfort: Choose from heaters with adjustable temperatures to personalize your sauna experience and create the perfect level of warmth for your needs.
  • Efficient & Safe: Electric sauna heaters offer a clean, efficient, and safe way to heat your sauna, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free experience.
  • Easy Installation (on most models): Simplify the setup process with user-friendly electric heaters that can be readily installed for quick enjoyment of your sauna.

Find the Perfect Electric Sauna Heater for Your Sauna:

Heater Size & Power:

  • Small Saunas (up to 150 cubic feet): Choose a heater with a power output between 4.5 kW and 6 kW for efficient heating in smaller saunas.
  • Medium Saunas (150-300 cubic feet): Opt for a heater between 6 kW and 9 kW to effectively heat mid-sized saunas.
  • Large Saunas (over 300 cubic feet): For spacious saunas, consider heaters with a power output of 9 kW or higher to ensure proper heat distribution.

Additional Features (on select models):

  • Digital Controls: Enjoy convenient temperature control and easy operation with user-friendly digital control panels.
  • Auto-Shut Off Timers: Ensure safety and peace of mind with automatic shut-off timers that turn off the heater after a set time.
  • Built-in Humidity Control (on select models): Experience a more comfortable and customizable sauna experience with models that allow for humidity control.

USA Sports Outlet - Your Electric Sauna Heater Experts!

Electric Sauna Heaters

Best Electric Sauna Heater

Transform your home sauna experience with the right electric sauna heater. These heaters provide clean, consistent heat, making them a popular choice for convenient and reliable sauna enjoyment.  The "best" electric sauna heater depends on your specific needs, but there are some key factors to consider.

The most crucial factor is choosing a heater with the appropriate power output for your sauna's size.  Oversized heaters will waste energy, while undersized ones will struggle to maintain the desired temperature. Reputable brands often provide sizing guides to help you make the right choice. Additionally, features like digital controls, built-in timers, and even Wi-Fi connectivity can enhance your sauna experience and overall convenience.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our experts at or call us anytime. With our Free Shipping and Price Match Guarantee, you can shop confidently knowing you're getting the best deal at USA Sports Outlet.

Electronic Sauna Heater 120v

120v electric sauna heaters offer a convenient solution for smaller saunas, typically designed for 1-2 people. Their key advantage lies in their compatibility with standard household electrical outlets, eliminating the need for complex electrical upgrades. This makes them a potentially more affordable and easier-to-install option compared to 240v heaters requiring dedicated wiring.

Electronic Sauna Heater 240v

For larger saunas designed for 3-4 people or more, 240v electronic sauna heaters offer significant advantages. Their higher power output allows them to heat larger spaces more efficiently and maintain consistent temperatures throughout your sauna session. This translates to a faster heat-up time and the ability to accommodate more occupants comfortably. Additionally, 240v heaters often boast advanced features like digital controls, multi-stage heating elements, and even Wi-Fi connectivity, providing greater control over your sauna experience and enhanced user convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Electric Sauna Heater?

To use Electric Sauna Heater, follow these 7 following guidelines: 

  1. Prepare: Ensure ventilation is on and consult your heater's manual. Place towels on benches for comfort.
  2. Power on: Plug in the heater (if not already) and locate the power switch. Turn it on.
  3. Set temperature: Use the controls to set your desired temperature (typically 150-195°F / 65-90°C)
  4. Wait: Allow 30-45 minutes for preheating.
  5. Enjoy: Once at temperature, enter the sauna and relax. Start with 15-20 minute sessions.
  6. Cool down: After your session, cool down with water or a shower. Stay hydrated.
  7. Power off: Turn off controls, unplug the heater, and let it cool before cleaning.

Safety reminders: Limit sessions, stay hydrated, listen to your body, consult a doctor if unsure.

Do electric saunas use a lot of electricity?

Electric saunas use a moderate amount of electricity, similar to a large appliance like a dryer. While they use 4-8 kilowatts (kW) per hour during heating, this is only for 30-45 minutes to preheat.  Then, they use less power to maintain the temperature.  The overall cost depends on your sauna size and how often you use it, but sauna use typically won't significantly affect your electricity bill.